Men at Work

August 2021

“In 2007 I saw a [Tony Robbins] quote and a light bulb went off. ‘Change happens when the pain of staying the same is grater than the pain of change.’ That is what made me take the step in starting OEG, and I am thrilled I did.”

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Meeting the need

July 9, 2021

Wheeler Mission is set to open an expanded center for homeless women and children that will nearly double the space available for services, add 160 short- and long-term beds, and enhance addiction-treatment and education programming.

But the goal of the $13 million expansion on the near-east side is not just serving more people. It’s also about restoring dignity to the 1,300 women and children who visit the shelter at 3208 E. Michigan St. every year.

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Business is blooming

June 2020

Outdoor Environments Group brings imagination into existence.

We caught up with Chad Bruick, founder and CEO of Outdoor Environments Group, and found out he doesn’t just want to create beautiful outdoor spaces (spoiler alert: every OEG space we saw was gorgeous). Bruick instead strives to cultivate relationships and memories, but his breathtaking backdrops are definitely a bonus.

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Embrace the Outdoors

June 23, 2021

Summer days are long and hot and perfect for whiling away from your favorite perch on the patio. Chad Bruick, president of Outdoor Environments Group, shares his expert advice for creating an outdoor living space that fits perfectly into your landscape and lifestyle. Bruick believes that outdoor living spaces are essential for today’s family—enabling everyone to enjoy being in nature rather than living completely in a manmade environment. “These spaces can change the way a family lives and functions,” he says.

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Everything’s Better at the Lake

June 9, 2016

Landscaping and outdoor living spaces are important features that can complement and complete a home’s interior when given the same love and care as the inside. Before the foundation is even laid, landscape artists and designers begin planning how to create an an exterior that not only matches the overall theme of the home but also seamlessly blends into the surroundings. For this lakefront property, the owners considered the outside plans just as important as the inside ones, and they recruited Chad Bruick, owner of Outdoor Environments Group, as soon as they started working on their dream home.

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