Embrace the Outdoors

June 23, 2021

It’s summertime, and the [outdoor] living is easy.

Summer days are long and hot and perfect for whiling away from your favorite perch on the patio. Chad Bruick, president of Outdoor Environments Group, shares his expert advice for creating an outdoor living space that fits perfectly into your landscape and lifestyle. Bruick believes that outdoor living spaces are essential for today’s family—enabling everyone to enjoy being in nature rather than living completely in a manmade environment. “These spaces can change the way a family lives and functions,” he says.

According to Bruick, the first step in enhancing your outdoor space is to clean up and enjoy what you already have—you don’t need to add anything yet. Instead, he suggests imagining the way you want to live and experience your outdoor space. Once you have a clear vision that fits into your lifestyle, then you can begin bringing that vision to life. One common misconception, in Bruick’s experience in the industry, is the idea of a finished landscaping project. “If we do a project correctly,” says Bruick, “the installation is just a starting point. We haven’t completed anything yet.” He explains that landscaping is a living form of art and it is just the beginning. It should continue to grow and mature over time, only to get better. The skilled team at OEG consists of landscape architects, horticulturists and craftsmen that offer an innovative approach to every project, nurturing and maintaining it from the beginning and as it progresses. Whether your final vision includes gardens, pergolas, lounging areas or landscape lighting, OEG offers end-to-end services that will evolve with your landscape for years to come.

While water features are wildly popular, a backyard pool is one that is guaranteed to make a big splash. Bruick considers a pool the heartbeat of the backyard. “It’s like the kitchen to a house,” he says, adding, “A pool becomes the central piece to the outdoor landscape both visually and functionally.” A pool can add to the enjoyment of your space, and increase the amount of time you spend outside, especially as the temperatures rise and the balmy weather would normally beckon you back indoors.

OEG takes a different approach to swimming pools, seeking to incorporate them into the environment in order to create a cohesive space that all fits into the original vision. Bruick also notes that an existing pool can be reimagined, referencing the first step of cleaning up what you already have. “We can renovate a backyard around the pool and make a space that looks brand new,” he tells me. OEG has the unique ability to design, build and rehabilitate a space, and the ongoing nurturing of each project (which includes weekly pool maintenance) makes it easy to take the plunge on a backyard pool.

This summer, step outside and see what the outdoors has to offer. It’s never to early, or to late, to start planning. Visit oeggroup.com to learn more about Outdoor Environments Group and their comprehensive approach to outdoor living.