Men at Work

August 2021

“In 2007 I saw a [Tony Robbins] quote and a light bulb went off. ‘Change happens when the pain of staying the same is grater than the pain of change.’ That is what made me take the step in starting OEG, and I am thrilled I did.”

The great outdoors has always been a significant part of Chad Bruick’s life. As a child he spent a lot of time outside with his father, and continues the tradition with his own family today. Melded with his two other passions; business and design, Bruick has found a niche with his company, Outdoor Environments Group, building, designing and nurturing outdoor living spaces. “From the pursuit of landscaping, I have been able to pursue all of my passions at one time,” he says. Since starting the company almost 15 years ago, Bruick is an engaged and hands-on owner who remains very involved in the design and construction aspects of each project.

Although he has had many influences throughout his life, Bruick credits his entrepreneurial drive to his grandfather who was also a business owner. Today he stays passionate about his industry because of the challenges it offers and the creative and unique projects his team is able to tackle. The primary focus of OEG is creating outdoor spaces that place high value on the human experience in residential, commercial and nonprofit settings.

For Bruick, building a team and creating opportunities for them to grow and develop and build valuable skills is a gratifying part of being a business owner. “I also love the end result of what we create,” says Bruick, adding that completing a project is just the beginning in most cases. “Families get to enjoy that space and make memories because of what we created.”